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Staging your home for SALE ~ 6 tips!

June 9, 2011

Tip #1: Cleaning, yard maintenance and repairs are NOT staging. Cutting the lawn & trimming the bushes, cleaning windows, carpets and the interior and fixing items that are broken, leaking or not working properly should all be done BEFORE starting the staging process.

Tip #2: If the walls need painting, this is the first thing that should be done for staging. Sellers should consult with a staging professional before selecting a color to make sure they are “keeping up with the times” on what neutral shades are presently popular.

Tip #3: De-cluttering is one of the biggest challenges. While a seller may feel it is important to have every kitchen appliance they own sitting on top of the counter, buyers see clutter. That collection of paperback books, videos and DVDs might make it easier to grab one when they want it, but buyers just see clutter.

Tip #4. Plant colorful flowers that contrast with the color or the home. Select one or two colors and repeat, repeat, repeat! Buy mature plants in 6″ or 8″ pots, that are just starting to bloom. Plant across the front of the house and along the walkway to the front door. Don’t mix several different colors or the yard will look like confetti after a New Years Eve party.

Tip #5. Hose down the front door, doorstep and porch (if you have one). Get rid of those cobwebs. Repaint or re-varnish the front door and trim if it is dull or chipping. Replace old porch lights with modern fixtures. Put down a neutral door mat that is as wide as the front door. Keep this area spotless.

Tip #6. The entry of the home should be uncluttered, clean and feel inviting to guests. A long, narrow table with a vase of flowers or tall candles, a flyer holder and attractive small dish for agents to put their cards is sufficient. A sofa table can be re-purposed for this. Remove any family photos. A landscape picture, still life artwork or decorator piece of artwork can be used if there is a large blank wall in the entryway.

Suzan Nassab
Staging by Suzan
Serving N. Orange County, CA Since 2006
Suzan Nassab PPHS Certified Home Stager


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