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Staging Tips #7, 8, 9

June 24, 2011

Furniture placement and traffic flow are of major importance in staging. Let’s go over some of the basics of those concerns.

Staging tip #7: Furniture in a room should be balanced according to size and weight. A living room or family room should never have several large items of furniture against one wall while the opposite wall has only a few small items and other walls are bare. If there are too many large items to balance the room, then remove one or more of the large pieces and rearrange the other items. It is better to have too few items of furniture in the room that are balanced, than too many.

Tip #8: Traffic should flow smoothly from one room to another. If it is difficult to walk through a room to get to another room, such as a narrow dining room with a large table and several chairs, put a smaller table in the room or remove the side chairs. If you have the table set, as if expecting company for dinner, it will be less noticeable that the side chairs are missing.

Tip #9: If furniture blocks a nice view of the outside, reposition, or remove some items to correct that. Keep in mind that the owner is selling his/her space, not their furnishings. And a home with a lovely yard or panoramic view is a desirable space.

With more homes staying on the market longer, it is to your seller’s advantage to have a professional stager advise them on how to give their home a competitive edge. Keep in mind that vacant homes also benefit from staging even if it is only a few of the major rooms. To ease the financial pressure,
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My next set of staging tips will cover kitchens and bathrooms. More information is available on my website:


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