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July 6, 2011

INFO THAT HITS US WHERE WE LIVE…Last week’s housing market facts were so good, it was hard for commentators to distort them into the negative picture many like to paint. Wednesday’s Pending Home Sales for May came in 8.2% ahead of April, the biggest monthly gain since November and 13.4% higher than May a year ago! This annual hike was the first in over a year, while the monthly gain points to sales increases come June and July. All regions were up, the Midwest leading with a 17.2% annual bump!

April’s Case-Shiller home price index posted its first gain in eight months, UP 0.8% in the top 10 metros and UP 0.7% in the top 20. Data aggregator CoreLogic’s Home Price Index was UP in May for the second month in a row.

It was also nice to see consumers aren’t discouraged. In a New York Times/CBS News poll, almost 9 in 10 Americans say homeownership is an important part of the American Dream. And consumers continue to believe that the market will eventually improve and housing will regain its traditional importance.

Lastly, the Wall Street Journal reported, “there are growing indications that it is a good time to buy,” concluding that “the long-term case for home ownership is looking stronger.”
Courtesy of George Hagar @ Prime Lending

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