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Staging Kitchens

July 10, 2011

Today’s staging tips will cover kitchens. They are one of my biggest challenges.

So many people keep all their appliances on the counter, even if they do not use them every day. It is just easier. But did you ever go into a model home kitchen and see a 1/2 full coffee pot or a well used toaster on the counter? Was there a container with used cooking utensils next to the stove? How about cleaning products next to the sink? Doesn’t paint a very appealing picture does it?

Tip 10: Start by going through your cupboards and sort out the items that you seldom or never use. Either pack them for moving, give them away or throw them away. You will be amazed a how much extra space you have available.

Tip 11: Store your can opener, knife block, coffee pot, toaster, utensil’s etc in specific spaces that are close to where you normally place them to use them each day. It only takes a few seconds to pull out an appliance, plug it in and use it. And only a few seconds to put it away. If you have a large item that won’t fit on a cupboard shelf, put it in an inconspicuous place on the counter and hide it with something like a decorative plate or open cookbook on an upright wire stand. A full vase of silk flowers can be pushed aside easily to use the item and then pushed back in front of it to hide it. Keep dirty dishes in the dishwasher and the towels & cleaning products under the sink.

Tip 12: Set the table (and breakfast bar if you have one) for two people as if you were going to sit down to breakfast. Use color coordinated cloth napkins. Have some type of centerpiece. Suggested items for decor are: bowls of fresh, colorful fruit (and you can eat the decor), floral arrangements, decorative cookie jars or plates. Novelty cream and sugar sets or tea pots with 2 cups & saucers can add interest. Don’t overdue the decor items. The idea is to lead the eye around the room and keep the buyer looking at your space.

If you have any questions about staging don’t hesitate to call. You can also see samples of my work on my website: .

I hope you find these tips helpful. My next set of tips will cover bathrooms.

Suzan Nassab
Staging by Suzan Serving N. Orange County, CA Since 2006
Suzan Nassab PPHS Certified Home Stager


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