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Bathroom Staging Tips Courtesy of Suzan Nassab

July 31, 2011

Today’s staging tips will cover bathrooms. These can be a challenge since everyone in the house uses the bathroom several times a day. The trick is to try to keep it looking as if nobody ever uses it.

Tip 13: You need two sets of towels, the ones you use every day and the decorator ones that dress up the room. The decorator towels should be solid color, neatly folded over the towel bar (may be tied midway by wide ribbon or raffia) and have a neatly folded hand towel or facecloth placed over the top of them. They should be on the towel rack that is first seen as you walk into the bathroom. Towels and face cloths that are used every day should be kept in the cabinet or drawers under the sink until needed and afterwards hung to dry on a rack that is not visible when you open the bathroom door or taken directly to the laundry. PLEASE do not drape them over the shower curtain bar. You will never walk into a model home and see damp laundry hanging in the bathrooms.

Tip 14: Sinks, mirrors, tubs, showers and counters should all be spotless. Remove soaps, lotions, shaving items, brushes, curling irons etc. They should be put into drawers after use. Suitable decor for the sink counters could be candles, small sculptures, two or three small hand towels folded and layered on the counter, small floral displays, small mirrored tray with four or five decorative perfume bottles or a small basket with rolled hand towels and some fragrant (unused) soaps.

Tip 15: Always keep the toilet lid down. Fancy seats are a distraction, they should be plain, white wood or plastic. If the shower curtain is old, stained or unattractive, replace it with something neutral colored and keep it pulled to the side so that buyers can see the condition of the tub & shower. If you have a glass enclosure, keep a squeegees handy to wipe it clean after every shower. Soaps, shampoo, conditioners, shavers and other bath items should be kept in some type of carrying case so that they can easily be removed after a bath or shower and stored in a cabinet under the sink.

Before and after photos of a bathroom can be seen on my website: . If you have questions about staging, or to arrange for a staging appointment,
call me: 714-588-2315. I accept Visa/MasterCard/Amex.

I appreciate feedback. If you find these tips helpful, please reply to any of my emails to let me know. My next set of tips will cover bedrooms.

Suzan Nassab
Staging by Suzan Serving N. Orange County, CA Since 2006
Suzan Nassab
PPHS Certified Home Stager

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