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Let’s Be Prepared!!!

August 31, 2011

Whether you live in Hurricane or Tornado or Earthquake territory ~ We NEED TO BE PREPARED!!!

I was watching a show the other night on TLC with peeps preparing for whatever event might be in their future…some a bit cooky but the premise is good! BE PREPARED…..Here’s a list….I usually post this on f/b at the time change in CA, same as when we change our fire detector batteries so I’m a bit early but did any of you see the grocery shelves in the neighborhoods for Hurricane Irene??? They were totally empty! In earthquake country we don’t have warning and to be honest, our grocery stores would probably be looted SO here’s a short list…you need to taylor it to YOUR family! Shoot for a week on your own!

Flashlights & fresh batteries
Water ~ Needs to be changed & shouldn’t get warm – at least a liter per day/per person
Food ~ You need granola bars, peanut butter crackers, soups, beans, tuna – anything you can think of that includes protien & carbs!
Blankets ~ I keep an extra blanket in my truck with a couple of small pillows (that my grandmother made 🙂
Personal hygiene ~ you’re going to need wipes (what did we do before w/out wipes!!, some liquid soap, girl stuff)
First Aid Kit ~ just buy one ~ be sure it has cleansers, butterflies, bandaids & ace bandages
what else……stow away old slippers, towels, pillows, sweatshirts
Prescriptions…I’m not sure how you get extra but check into it….for us I would bring Astragalus (for viruses) and acidopholus – I usually buy the kind that has to be refrigerated but have some of the
shelf kind for this purpose
You need an out of state contact! Someone who knows you & your family will be heading there & will work as your contact……..keep directions in your wallet with their phone number AND some cash….what if you need gas!!!
I KNOW I’ve forgotten things! Post if you’d like to add to this list!!!

I forgot utensils…include some plastic spoons as least 🙂

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