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Earthqauke Preparedness

November 5, 2011

At this time of year with the time change, it’s also time to update your Earthquake kit!

Below is a list from the usgs of items you should have on hand….following that list is a list I’ve added 🙂

A crescent or pipe wrench should you need to turn off your gas
First aid kit
Flashlight with extra batteries – I prefer the wind up flashlights, they’re great!
Portable radio with extra batteries
Water – 1 gal per person, per day for 2 weeks
Purification tablets or bleach for other water sources
Canned & pre-prepackaged food with a manual can opener
Heavy duty plastic bags for waste disposal

I’d like to add
Pet food/meds
Copy of your homeowners insurance & agent’s phone number
Out of state contact – phone #, address & directions
Car kit ~ just in case you’re not home & maybe can’t get there, you’ll need a car kit. Include water, food, cash, a small blanket & pillow, first aid, wipes, maybe a change of clothes, tp & personal items….I also included a bottle of wine & an opener but that’s just me LOL Keep these items in a sturdy plastic box & update it twice a year! Don’t worry….I’ll remind you at the next time change 🙂

you can check out the usgs website at
Oh ~ and don’t forget to change the batteries in your smoke detectors too!! I know, so much to do 🙂

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