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Short Sale Sellers – NOT a “free ride”

May 19, 2012

I’m so tired of people referring to short sales as a ‘free ride’.  So many homeowners are in upside down mortgages, and would be paying their mortgages if they could!

We’re talking about families & single parents trying to keep their home together.  They’ve suffered a hardship that doesn’t allow them to make their mortgage payments.  Now, there are some bad apples, just like any other situation, but most people are honest, hard working families that just can’t make ends meet.

Their best bet is a short sale, foreclosure will follow if:  they can’t sell their property (many times repairs are needed and they can’t afford to do them, they may be behind in HOA dues, etc.), the bank won’t approve the short sale or they take too long and the buyers walk.

On the PLUS side – the banks are being pressured to approve & process short sales.  They’re being held to timelines so sellers don’t lose buyers to other properties.

If you’re in this position, please call a Realtor in your area.  I’m in North Orange County and would love to help you if I can.  I get the situation and I’ll do everything I can to help.  If you’re out of the Orange County, CA area, please let me refer a good agent for you!

Patti Gregory, Prudential California Realty, 714-398-1998



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