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OC Real Estate News & What To Do This Weekend!

October 6, 2012

Hi All & Happy Friday!
Lots of information for you today 🙂

My goal is to be your go-to real estate market professional whether you’re planning on buying, selling or staying in your home for 20 years!

I will be adding a remodel section to my emails so you can see the latest trends!

Buyers & Sellers ~ Sorry but I’m lumping you together this week with one message ~ Don’t be afraid of the Holidays 🙂

Plus side for buyers?  It will thin out your competition a bit!
Plus side for sellers?  You’ll be dealing with serious buyers!

Investors ~ This information is more pertinent for the flippers who buy, rehab & sell.  We’ve had a 90 day ‘flipping rule’ in effect for some time.  But due to the economy, the FHA has waived that rule this year.  We don’t know if they will waive it in 2013.

If you’re buying, rehabbing & selling within 90 days, be aware that buyer’s lenders will look at the profit percentage that you’re making and may require a 2nd appraisal. If your percentages are under 20% you’ll come under the waiver, if you’re over, there may be more hurdles to jump, especially with an FHA buyer.  Please call me for details.

Remodeling ~ Each email, I’ll focus on one area of your home for remodeling trends.  Today is your Kitchen.  This article touches on concealment of appliances, cabinets, countertops (including marble & butcher block inserts -which I LOVE) & lighting….here’s the link 🙂

Real Estate News!
There is a lot of talk about ‘Shadow Inventory’ which is the foreclosures that haven’t hit the market yet!
There doesn’t appear to be a reason to worry, as many writers speculated in the past months.  Here’s the link!

The Housing Market is Improvi ng!  And the recovery trend is solidifying!  Heres your link!

Finally ~ Things to do this weekend 🙂
You’ve got the Anaheim Auto Show at the Convention Center
Lita Ford at the Coach House in San Juan Cap
Tustin Tiller Days at Columbus Tustin Park
Christian Titus at the Brea Improv

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!
And if I can answer ANY real estate que stions, I hope you call or email me!
Patti Gregory
TNG Real Estate Consultants
DRE #01182154
And thank you for taking a moment to read my Real Estate Emails, it’s very much appreciated


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